Farming Method

Concrete tanks and fingerling outdoor systems both are very suitable for catfish farming. Most species of catfish are cannibals. So, you have to take proper care during sorting them as outlined by their size. In case of fingerling outdoor culture, you have to prevent the predatory insects. You can ensure their protection by covering the tanks with mosquito nets. This will keep the predatory insects away from your fish. Polyculture of catfish with other common fish species like tilapia fishalso very popular in Nigeria. Polyculture of catfish in tanks with tilapia or other fish species ensure proper use of supplementary feed and higher production.


For successful fish farming in Nigeria and better production, you have to feed the fish good and nutritious supplementary fish feed. Always ensure sufficient availability of amino acids like arginine, methionine, lysine and crude protein in their feed. Fishmeal is a great source of crude protein. You can also use some low cost conventional or unconventional animal by-products and plant residue in fish feed. Groundnut cake, soybean meat etc. are Plant residue those can fulfill the nutrient requirements of catfish. Nowadays, most of the fish farmers of Nigeria are using pelleted floating feeds. This types of food ensure all necessary nutrients for fish and help to increase growth rate and production.

Generally, artificial breeding through hormonal induction is used for catfish. After successful breeding, you have to take special care of the fry during the first week. During this time you can feed the larvae zooplankton. The main problem with catfish is their cannibalism. So, keep the different aged and sized fish separate from each other.

Fish farming in Nigeria is a great business idea. And the demand of catfish is increasing rapidly. Because, it is a great source of nutrition and food. And there is already a suitable market available. As a developing nation, fish farming in Nigeria can play a great contribution in the national income. The government have to create more and facilities for spreading fish farming business throughout the Nigeria.